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[EN] Updates and Launcher

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Good day, dear friends and players.

Today there were technically works on the server side, in particular in the work of Launchera.

Who does not open the Launcher, please download the file and replace it in the Grand Mu S4 Ultra \ Data \ Launcher section.

There is also a good news forum, the site and the info page were transferred to one of the best hosting sites, which would entail the best defense against attacks and speed of work.
We inform you that the server will be disabled on Saturday at 3:00 pm server time for installing updates from our LTP-Team development team with many additions and corrections. We also purchased 2 kastums, in particular Guild Bank and new Bufs (Guild Buf , Party Baf, Noob Buf). Approximately everything will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, perhaps faster.

It will also be launched advertising on mmotop from the 1st day of the new month!

Enjoy all the game and win!


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