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[EN] Week Finished.

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💎Our dear players, the first week has come to an end and you can summarize.

💎We are 2.5 years old, thank you who is with us all this time and who quite recently:)

💎First of all, the first siege took place, the guild ''HeadShoT''defeated in a bitter struggle and we congratulate her.

💎As previously announced on the server, the Cash Shop is now available in which you can purchase buffs, pets.

💎 For 5 Wings, they can only be purchased in-game from the NPC ''New Wings Seller'' located in Arkania 222x65 for Eglobals.

💎 Currency exchange is on the website in your account (Grand -> E-globals) at the rate of 1k1.

💎Also now on the website is available WebShop (Shop) in which you can buy uniforms for E-Globals and Grand Coins (donate currency). E-globals are 20% more expensive.

💎Game currency can be purchased through Interkass (visa / mc / qiwi / webmoney) or Paypal, you can buy in your account on the website or click here

💎Regarding sockets: all the top and pretop things when buying on the site already come with 5 open slots, there is no choice of sockets. We do not have the sale of sockets from the first siege !!!

💎Also, in honor of the first siege and the opening of the store, a discount of 15% for the entire range will be valid, until Wednesday 18.09 inclusive.

💎I am informing you that there will be changes in auto-selection for Offexp. In particular, auto-selection will be available only for VIP Platina. Reason: a promotion will be launched to attract players whose entrance will be issued to new players VIP Gold after registration for a certain period of time. In this regard Silver and Gold VIP, will be turned off the possibility of auto-selection so as not to farm zen with novoregami.

💎Have a nice day, live together!) Your Grand :P


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