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[EN] Spots and Seeds

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Good day, our dear players.

I am glad that you are with us, playing and supporting us.

In turn, we plan to finish 2 new Сustoms about which you will learn upon their readiness.

A month has passed, the main thing is the stable operation of the server and without failures.

Now closer to the topic,

Added all the top seeds in the Cash Shop, to buy them you need to update the client through Launcher.exe.

Next, we will touch on the topic of spots, at the moment there are 3 bosses of Lord of Skeleton once a day from which you get 1 out of 5 random spots.

I remind you that personal spots can only be set by Dungeon and Uruk, for a spent spot in an unspecified location we do not provide a return!

Soon personal spots will be added to the Cash Shop, as was the case with the sids. We do not announce the dates, I will notify you in advance.

You can also purchase personal spots from the Project Administration.

The prices for personal spots are the same for all and do not change. Below I will describe in more detail:

Personal spot is valid for exactly 1 day.

  • Devilfairy 142lvl (10 mobs) - $ 2.5
  • Muff 149lvl (10 mobs) - $ 3
  • King Freya 150lvl (10 mobs) - $ 3.5
  • Frintezza 152lvl (10 mobs) - $ 4
  • Baium 154 lvl (10 mobs) - $ 5

Regarding the purchase, write to me, Skype: live: grandmu2017 or in the PM on the forum.

P.S On Skype, you will receive a response faster.


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