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  1. As stated in the above post, every time I hit on the Play button of the game launcher it always update the game first, is that really natural?
  2. The question mainly that I have is where can I loot Ice Storm skill? I'm a wizard class and I don't have that scroll yet or hopefully if anyone with a kind heart can give me one :D. Thanks
  3. Thanks so much I'll earn some zennies first LOL haha
  4. if you don't mind, last question, what maps are you going or let's say your map routine in making RR? currently @ 20rr now, w/ routine of Arkania Dungeon 3 then Tarkan2 was able to find the answer on the multiple client issue LOL sorry
  5. Thanks for that information mate =) how do I earn grand coins BTW? regarding the two clients at the same time, kindly see video below for the report When I click on the launcher it gives me that error (that I honestly don't understand I'm sorry) while when I click on the main.exe directly nothing is happening
  6. Can we donate for the 4 wings or it is only obtained via craft?? 20rr character here, what map can you suggest I go for reset? Thanks